The Tamarind Foundation

Mission Statement

New Tamarind Foundation is a charitable foundation that seeks to raise public awareness and advance innovative solutions to environmental and public health problems.

New Tamarind works with academic institutions, government agencies, media, consumer groups and grassroots communities to advance public policies that can help lead to a livable future.

Environmental programs include:

Food and Agriculture:

  • Raising public awareness of sustainable food and agricultural issues through innovative and creative consumer campaigns.
  • Promoting responsible methods of food production and consumption;
  • Advancing research into sustainable forms of agriculture

Water and Energy: 

  • Protecting the oceans and fresh water sources
  • Research and advocacy to conserve marine eco-systems
  • Encouraging alternative forms of energy production
  • Promoting conservation and energy efficiency
  • Public education and research in biodiversity and conservation

Public health programs include:

  • Improving public health communication
  • Encouraging behavior change to more healthy practices
  • Innovation in medical research methods
  • Advancement of integrative medical practices and applications

Other areas of foundation support:

  • Nursing education programs and scholarships
  • Programs promoting inter-religious understanding and tolerance
  • Domestic and international relief, welfare and education projects